Doin' It Right The First Time
Doin' It Right The First Time

Between You and Me...

You and I both know that human beings are fallible. We make mistakes, overlook things, or just have a brain-dead moment and screw up. We try to do everything we can to ensure this does not happen, but it is bound to on occasion.


I want you to know that I will not ignore your complaint, will discuss your concerns with you, and you and I can determine together if your complaint is legitimate . I will do everything I can possibly do to satisfy you as a customer and earn your repeat business. 


Communication, a phone call or an email, will get us on the right track. If we have not gotten it "right the first time", let us make that right for you.. LG

No Sugery Promises Here.. Just Competent Honest Service..

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Guy Force Cycle, LLC

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Unit #K2

Sarasota, FL 34243

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Business Hours

Monday through Friday

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9am through 2pm


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Shop Rate



A general service is about 200 dollars which includes primary, motor and transmission oil. Also, oil filter, Clutch adjustment, spark plugs clean out air filter etc. Just a complete look over of the bike

Our Policy

All work done in our shop is guaranteed to be performed to the highest standards. Your return business is very important to us. We note and report anything we find during the course of working on a bike, items which may need attention soon, especially those things relating to our customer's safety, and will show our customer what we have found before the bike leaves the shop. Our pledge to you is that we will satisfy your search for dependable, courteous, professional service.

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