Doin' It Right The First Time
Doin' It Right The First Time

Getting Buyers and Sellers Together...

We see Consignment selling as primarily providing the opportunity to find Buyers for the Motorcycle, or motorcycle accessories, you want to sell. We display and advertise your item(s), and the potential Buyer initiates the buying process through us.


We can handle the sale completely, or stand back and let the negotiations happen as they will. Your choice as Seller.


Either way, we make the process much easier and far less risky for Buyers and Sellers.

First Comes The Introduction..

Then The Inspection...

The Negotiation....

And With Agreement... The Happy Buyer

And His Congratulatory Friend......

You Just Gotta Love Those Happy Endings!

Plans really can come together.. At Guy Force Cycle!

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Our Policy

All work done in our shop is guaranteed to be performed to the highest standards. Your return business is very important to us. We note and report anything we find during the course of working on a bike, items which may need attention soon, especially those things relating to our customer's safety, and will show our customer what we have found before the bike leaves the shop. Our pledge to you is that we will satisfy your search for dependable, courteous, professional service.

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