Doin' It Right The First Time
Doin' It Right The First Time

Riding Into The Florida Sunrise For A Good Healthy Breakfast Is a Great Experience...

My good friend and Guy Force Cycle customer, Blue Dot Billy, enjoys an occasional "Breakfast Ride" into other counties on a Saturday or Sunday morning, even a weekday now and then. We actually have a "Breakfast Ride" email group.  Sometimes we will ride 50 to 75 miles just to get to the breakfast table. We like to start out around 7am from a selected meeting place, which is determined by which direction we intend to ride. Nothing is written in stone, so last minute changes can occur.


Granny's Cafe in Ruskin is a terrific place to eat breakfast and use as a starting point for riding out east through Florida's Phosphate Mines, or as a jump off point for Florida's "Tail of the Ghecko".


We have discovered that the best Fried Chicken is cooked at a BP Gas Station on SR 70 in Myakka City. (I understand that this facility has recently changed hands, so a report on that will be appreciated).


Wheeler's Cafe, in business since 1929 in old Downtown Arcadia, has great breakfasts and lunches. And there are some really neat things to see in Old Downtown Arcadia, such as the Old Opra House which is now a genuine Antique Shop and Museum. 


Susie Q's on SR 70 just west of Myakka City Junction, serves good breakfasts, especially their French Toast!


The 3rd Street Cafe in Boca Grande offers good food and a really jam-up outside eating area! Thoroughly enjoyed that experience!


Skyway Jack's Restaurant, north of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and a little over a mile north from the 34th St. and I-275 Junction, always offers a wide variety of great breakfast suggestions, up to and including scrambled Pig's Brains (For the seriously hardcore Hog Lovers).


And there are a host of other nice mom & pop Restaurants and Cafes within 70 miles of Guy Force Cycle to be enjoyed.

What You Might Find To Your Pleasant Surprise..

I'll just go ahead and eat.. You can watch my figure!

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