Doin' It Right The First Time
Doin' It Right The First Time

Larry Guy has a long established background of competitive Drag Racing and holds the 2003 Super Eliminator National Title with the now defunct All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA). Larry demands outstanding performance from his own bikes and knows how to get that same performance, whether from a stock motorcycle or one which spends weekends at the local Drag Strip, out of your machine.

Teaming with Willie Herschberger, Larry and Willy co-founded the Dragmasters Race Club in Bradenton, Florida. Soon, within a couple of years on the AHDRA circuit, the Dragmasters became known as The Florida Gang for their consistent record setting dominance in three respective classes.


In 2003, the Dragmasters won three National Titles. The third Dragmaster rider was Dave Atkins on the brand new "Hot Street" class.


Dave doing his infamous Hot Street "Ghost Burnout" at the Finals in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Finals 2002

I Hear They Had A Really GOOD Time Out West!

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