Doin' It Right The First Time
Doin' It Right The First Time



At Guy Force Cycle, we are able to offer you great service from a highly qualified staff. You actually get to know the technician working on your motorcycle and can be assured that your safety and comfort on the road are at the top of our priority list. 


We perform any and all maintenance and services you may need, from oil and filter change to engine repair or rebuild. 


Need Warranty work on that newer machine? Give us a call and schedule your work at your convenience.


Need tires? Want them mounted and balanced? Come see us for a quote on the style and brand of tire you want. 


Interested? Then call us at (941) 752-2300. We'd be happy to tell you all about what we can do, and offer you some of the best rates you will find locally!


Emergency road service
Your motorcycle won't start and you need help? If you break down, we'll come and pick it up. We'll find the problem and fix it. Just call us.


Whatever you might want or need for your motorcycle, we can get and install at very reasonable prices. Want it done right the first time? Bring you bike to Guy Force Cycle on Whitfield Avenue!



Seriously!..... The "Guys" are much better with wrenches than I am!

Find Us Here:

Guy Force Cycle, LLC

2300 Whitfield Park Drive

Unit #K2

Sarasota, FL 34243

(941) 752-2300



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Business Hours

Monday through Friday

9am to 6pm 



9am through 2pm


Call for Holiday Hours

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Our Policy

All work done in our shop is guaranteed to be performed to the highest standards. Your return business is very important to us. We note and report anything we find during the course of working on a bike, items which may need attention soon, especially those things relating to our customer's safety, and will show our customer what we have found before the bike leaves the shop. Our pledge to you is that we will satisfy your search for dependable, courteous, professional service.

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